Today’s Historical Events 9 April Today History..

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Today’s Historical Events 9 April Today History

Many significant events have taken place in the history of April 9, that is in the history of today, the important people that have been raised in this world today, as well as those important people who have said goodbye to this world today, all these important things We will look at again.

Important events of April 9

  • The first public art exhibition was held in Paris in 1667.
  • Aurangzeb, the emperor of the Mughal Empire, ordered the demolition of all Hindu schools and temples in 1669.
  • The National Art Gallery opened in 1838 in London.
  • The United States Atomic Energy Commission was established in 1945.
  • Warner Bros. released the first 3D film titled ‘House of Wax’ in 1953.
  • The US conducted a nuclear test in 1955 in Nevada.
  • The Suez Canal of Egypt was cleaned in 1957 and opened to ships.
  • The Soviet Union and Iraq signed the Treaty of Friendship in 1972.
  • In 1965, a battle broke out between the Indian and Pakistan Army in the Rann of Kutch.
  • The United States imposed economic sanctions on Panama in 1988.
  • Peng became the Prime Minister of China in 1988.
  • Niger President Ibrahim Bare Mansara was assassinated in 1999.
  • A 2004 attack on a US convoy in Iraq triggered conflict, killing 9 people.
  • In 2004, the Supreme Court of Portugal asked for a re-review of the extradition order of Abu Salem, the wanted mafia kingpin in several criminal cases in India.
  • Britain’s crown prince Charles was married in 2005 to Camilla.
  • Nepal voted for the Constituent Assembly in 2008.
  • In 2011, IIPM Rabindranath Tagore International Peace Prize was announced to Anna Hazare for the anti-corruption campaign in 2011.
  • In 2013, the French Senate approved a gay marriage bill.

Born on 9 April

1893 Rahul Sankrityayan, a prominent Hindi writer, was born
1929 Sharon Rani, a learned and noted Sarod Vadika of ‘Hindustani Classical Music’, was born
1948 Indian actress Jaya Bachchan
1954 Renowned politician and economist Jairam Ramesh was born

Died on 9 April

1756 Nawab Ali Vardi Khan
1981 The first female leader Durgabai Deshmukh
2009 filmmaker and director Shakti Samanta
2010 Pre-independence Zimbabwean Prime Minister Bishop Abel Mujoreva

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