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Right to Information (RTI) is an act of the Indian Parliament setting out the rules and procedures relating to the right to information for people. This took the place of the old Freedom of Information Act, 2002. According to the provisions of the RTI Act, any Indian citizen may request information from a “public authority” (a government body or “state instrumentality”) required to respond promptly or within thirty days. In case of a matter involving the life and freedom of an applicant, the details must be given within 48 hours. The Act also requires that each public authority computerize their records for wide dissemination and that certain categories of information be proactive.

Parliament passed this law on 15 June 2005, and it came into full force on 12 October 2005. More than 4800 RTI applications are filed each day. More than 17,500,000 requests had been made in the first ten years of the act’s commencement.

Right to Information Act 2005 mandates the timely response to government information requests from residents. It is an initiative taken by the Department of Personnel and Training, the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances, and Pensions to provide citizens with a –RTI Portal Gateway to quickly search information on the details of the first Appellate Authorities, PIOs, etc., among others, as well as access to RTI related information/disclosures published on the web by various public authorities under the governorship.

The objective of the Right to Information Act :

The fundamental purpose of the Right to Information Act is to empower citizens, encourage transparency and accountability in government work, eradicate corruption, and make our democracy work for people in a real sense. It goes without saying that an informed citizen is better equipped to hold the requisite diligence on governance instruments and make the government more accountable to go.

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