Gujarat Atmanirbhar (Self-Reliant) Package 2020

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Gujarat Atmanirbhar (Self-Reliant) Package of Rs. 14,000 Crore – Complete Details.

Gujarat Atmanirbhar (Self-Reliant) Rs. 14,000 crore package, property tax rebate to consumers, electricity bills, tax on vehicles, business & shop owners loan subsidies.

Gujarat chief minister Vijay Rupani announced Rs. 14,000 crore package for Gujarat Atmanirbhar (Self-Reliant). This new package will help revive the badly performing economy due to the lockdown of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). The new Gujarat Atmanirbhar package will include tax rebates on property tax/electricity bills/vehicle tax for consumers as well as loan subsidies for business and shop owners.

The following are the significant features and highlights of the Gujarat Atmanirbhar Kit.

Rebate in Property Tax / Electricity Bills / Vehicle Tax

  • Commercial establishments, businesses, offices, hotels, restaurants, shops, hospitals will get a rebate of 20% in their annual property tax bills.
  • All the residential property owners will get a 10% rebate as per the details of the Gujarat Atmanirbhar Package. This rebate in property tax bills will provide direct benefit to people to the tune of Rs. 744 crore.
  • Electricity consumers who utilize less than 200 units per month will get a rebate on the first 100 units of consumption. This will cost Rs. 200 crore to the state exchequer and the state govt. will give the amount to power companies.
  • Moreover, various rebates have been announced for commercial and industrial consumers of electricity.
  • Private buses, jeeps, taxis have been given relief of the payment of road tax and tax for six months due to the lockdown.

Loan Interest Subsidy for Business & Shop Owners

The federal govt. Gujarat announces a 4% loan interest subsidy for up to Rs. 2.5 lakh loans to business and shop owners. Out of the total 8 percent interest rate, the borrower would have to pay 4 percent interest while the Gujarat government will have to pay the remaining 4 percent interest. The federal govt. Allocated a loan interest subsidy to Rs. 525 Crore.

The revival of Industries / Housing Sector

Gujarat govt. has announced a subsidy for various industries worth Rs. 3,038 crore while Rs. 458-crore relief was given to GIDC (Gujarat Industrial Development Corp) for the promotion of industries. To revive the housing sector in Gujarat, the state govt. has announced Rs. 1,000 crore.

Labour Welfare

The state govt. of Gujarat has earmarked Rs. 466 crore for labor welfare. It includes the benefits of Rs. 35,000 to each tribal laborer who works in different parts of Gujarat and wants to build a house in their hometown.

Direct Transfer of Rs. 1,000 to Poor

The other benefits of the Gujarat Atmanirbhar Package are Rs. 5,044 crore. It includes free ration to poor families during the period of lockdown and direct transfer of Rs 1,000 in their accounts. The national govt. The decision was also taken to allocate Rs 100 crore to the Department of Health and Rs 100 crore to four municipal corporations, namely Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, and Rajkot. Govt Gujarat. The Chief Ministers Relief Fund will include the number to counter the novel coronavirus.




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