Gujarat Free Ration Scheme 2020 – Free RC Holders

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Gujarat Free Ration Scheme 2020 – Wheat / Rice / Pulses / Sugar-Free RC Holders

Gujarat Free Ration Scheme 2020

Govt Gujarat. Announced the launch of the Free Ration Scheme 2020-21 for 60 lakh households, all RC holders for wheat, rice, pulses, sugar-free from 1 April for Coronavirus (COVID 19) The Government of Gujarat has declared that it will launch the Free Ration Scheme 2020 to combat Coronavirus (COVID 19). The State Govt in this scheme. Fresh food products such as wheat, rice, beans, and sugar are given completely free of charge. This system would ensure that no poor people in the state remain hungry during Lockdown duration of 21 days. The system is operated by about 60 lakh ration cardholder individuals.

This scheme would help all vulnerable people in the lockdown era along with day-to-day wage workers by ensuring adequate food supply. On 26 March 2020, CM Vijay Rupani declared that it will supply food products such as wheat, rice, pulses and sugar-free of cost to about 60 families keeping lakh ration cards. The distribution of necessary foodstuffs under the 2020-21 Gujarat Free Ration Scheme.

Approximately 60 lakh families or 3.25 crore individuals keeping ration cards will get food products under the Gujarat Free Ration Scheme. This includes a cost- 3.5 kg of wheat and 1.5 kg of rice per person and 1 kg of pulses, sugar, and salt per family from April 1. The chief minister said his government is concerned about poor families in the state and will continue to make decisions to ensure that they survive.

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